Michael is a composer, singer, guitarist and percussionist. Here is a selection of songs he has recorded:

‘Down By The Salley Gardens’

(words W.B.Yeats; music trad. Irish, ‘The Maids of Mourne,’ arr. Herbert Hughes), recorded with singer-songwriter Rich McMahon.  Rich: lead vocals, guitar. Michael: lead guitar, vocals.

‘The Midnight Special’

(H. Washington Odum, popularised by Huddie Ledbetter, aka Leadbelly), recorded with Rich McMahon.  Rich: lead vocals, guitar.  Michael: lead guitar, vocals.

‘Paddy on the Railway’

(trad Irish, arr. Thomas and Schofield).  Michael: vocals, guitar.  Ian Schofield, piano.
Rich McMahon, 1973 – 2015. For more information about Rich’s music, please see: http://richmcmahon.com/